This report reflects the outcome of the UK general election and provides insight on the key trends that our experts think will affect the UK property industry over the coming year. We review the likely economic and investment backdrop, and set out our predictions for each of the key real estate sectors.

In three in-depth articles we also explore the big topics that will pre-occupy real estate decision makers in 2020 – politics, sustainability and technology.

The report’s predictions include:

  • A slower start to 2020 but GDP growth will gain momentum after Q2
  • UK total returns will be solid, and a zero interest rate environment offers investors a robust alternative to fixed income
  • Office occupier markets are likely to continue to perform well across the UK despite ongoing political background noise
  • There will be continued structural change in UK retail in 2020
  • As demand for logistics remains strong and supply responds, rents will continue to grow alongside strong investment volumes
  • Multifamily is becoming an established sector of the UK property market
  • Increasing demand for operational real estate will continue to drive the volume of deals for alternatives
  • UK politics will again be dominated by Brexit in 2020, but the bigger issue may be the US Presidential election
  • Investors and developers can take steps in the coming year towards making real estate a carbon neutral industry
  • In 2020, the UK Real Estate community will become more sophisticated with their technology strategies