Key Takeaways

Slower Brick-and-Mortar Sales

Retailers face an unpredictable holiday season as cautious consumers balance the spirit of seasonal shopping with COVID-19’s impact on the economy and accessibility to physical stores. Brick-and-mortar sales will slow, but total retail sales will increase from unprecedented e-commerce growth.


Longer Shopping Season

The traditional holiday shopping season will start earlier than ever before. Retailers will try to spread out demand to prevent overtaxing supply chains and control crowds as consumers seek early promotional sales.


Second Surge in E-Commerce Sales This Year

E-commerce sales will more than double their record growth set in 2019, furthering the structural shift toward multichannel retailing. Retailers must prepare for a second surge in online spending this year, following the lockdown-related surge in April and May, to manage inventory and control shipping and delivery costs.


Balancing Safety & Experience in Physical Retail

Brick-and-mortar retail is being reimagined in the COVID era to provide safety, comfort and convenience for employees and consumers, while maintaining the festivity and excitement of the holiday season.